— 2015 Special Appearance (Portfolio + Work Showcase)
David Son Dey

An American artist offering design by way of ideation, photography & style application with music as a principle discipline.

I am a foreign neutral non-enemy combatant in anonymity working in alignment with my ancient ancestral heritage + historical legacy.

My visual catalog is the result of extensive esoteric & etymological research practice concerning value & identity. The study is focused on curating rarity & in the process treasure is the result in all areas of content aggregation & production.

Brief Summary:

2004-2005 DEMO Records, Graphic Design, Photography, Strategy, Documenting, Production, Recording & Engineering.

2006-2008 SON Network inception:
(i) SATTORI Records, Web/Graphic Design, Ideation, Photography, Production, Recording & Engineering
(ii) The KDU, Web/Graphic Design, Ideation, Social Media Engineering, Recruiting, Writing & Project Management
    — The Royal Magazine, SVSV, Proof 7 NYC, MGRT, Blacksmith NYC, & Bob Partington
(iii) Gannett, Photographic Assignments

(i) TON Network, Creative Direction
(ii) BlackArm Bespoke, Branding Design & Strategy

Sustain Branding

This design studio was created in 2011, originally founded as a research study, initially focused on internal brands & preservation strategies, expanding with solutions for clients.

"Environments Change Behavior" is a testament to recycle the economy of the youth of modern/future societies.


Handling all operations with a general focus on project management for various aesthetic collaborations with artists from multiple territories throughout the globe.

Initiating our dialog with esoteric content & art resulting in a 55 page hard-cover image wrapped printed supplement.

A Company of Wolves

A Co. of WLVS, is an ideal experience of art & design. The artists involved act as a symbol to represent the canis lupus migrations & travels throughout each territory across the globe.

Our commercial site for corporate activity & outline of milestones, new works etc. ofWLVS.co

A more detailed experience of our particular angle with art & design. WeCreateWolves.com


— behavior pedagogy through material (object) experience. gnosis at its source.