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The Muskox story begins 600, 000 years ago when millions of these short-legged, shaggy behemoths walked across the Bering Land Bridge during the last Ice Age and managed to survive an era that most animals (including the wooly mammoth) did not. Fossil records indicate that the muskox traveled as far south as Tennessee, although they now live exclusively in the Canadian Arctic, Alaska & Greenland. The global population is estimated at 180,000. Once a year, when the long rays of sunlight gradually begin to pierce the Arctic’s winter darkness, the frozen tundra transforms into a landscape of luxury as rumbling herds of Muskox begin to show their downy undercoat called Qiviuk (kiv-ee-uk or kiv-ee-ut). A fiber softer than cashmere & warmer than wool. This exquisitely soft undercoat is an exceptionally fine and precious fibre hat protects this prehistoric mammal (that once roamed with the mastodons) against the extreme cold of the Canadian High Arctic.
Company Profile Peru, where the most advance textile techniques were developed in pre colonial times & where precious fibres such as vicuna & pima cotton are found is where our story begins. Knitting was always a tradition to the extended family of our founding members. The foothills & highlands of Southern Peru are an important textile production center of noble fibres. This environment was not only inspirational but the basis for the development & expansion of our business.

After relocating to Western Canada, the opportunity & challenge of starting a knitwear business became evident, resulting in a wholesale & distribution operation under Nando Sweaters Inc. headquartered in the beautiful Banff National Park.
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