Maciej Hajnrich of Valp' Nietylko.netHello Maciej , first of all, please let everyone know where you are from, who you are and what you do?Hello! I’m 25 and live in southern Poland’s biggest city: Katowice. I’ve been doing graphics, illustrations, covers, posters and identity for 4 years.Can you explain Valp Nietylko?“Valp” is my nick I got from an old card game hero. The “nietylko” came when I was looking for domain name and it means “not only” (I use that name without space between). It’s because I want to do my best: not only in one style, medium or even design process.It says I have toexperiment, don’t stay in same place I was yesterday.Throughout all of your work I’ve seen several mediums which seem time consuming. What is an average time you would spend on a considerably large project? What makes a project ‘large’?It’s different and there is no rule how long will take you to design. You can count hours spent in front of monitor, but usually you are thinking about the current project while doing something else. Some people think you have everything in your mind and it’sall about drawing it, but for me it’s not.At the beginning of every job I’m settling with the client how much time is needed. Large projects come in two ways: when you have to design many things in one commission, or when it’s one big thing.What music do you listen to?I listen a lot of music, it should be good, make me excited no matter what kind it is. But I’m keen on trip hop and electronic stuff such as: Dj Shadow, Dj Krush, Massive Attack, CrystalMethod, Chemical Brothers etc.What ‘worlds’ are ‘colliding’?I suppose you are talking about my piece of art which has the same name. It had to illustrate The Royal Magazine’s article but I didn’t know what it was about while drawing so I had to imagine and interpret it. Our world - you may call it culture, entertainmentor even economy still react, notorious changes are going on but there are still the same rules.Weare colliding with each other every day, we comment, criticizeand so on. I mean nowadays you can, or have to mix everything with everything - to have variety and be unique at the same time. You have to collide your ideas to make sure that will happen…Whats the future for Maciej?Hmmm - I’m thinking this…Now (at the end of may ‘07) I’m going to full time freelance work. I will focus on exploring and extendng my skills and, hopefully, bring some ideas to life.

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