HI. MAY 19. 2007 / SON - EST 2.21 AM

I [we] have moved.

new house

To tell you exactly what i've been doing, i'd have to kill all 500-1000 of you that come every 6 days and the new visitor's too...which would take up alot of time and i'd have to add serial killer to my line of work and that aint happenin...unless they pay me BIG

so... hmm... oh i know.

yeah, i work, EVERY DAY.

i have no more friends they all left, just a few associates and family.

thank God

BRAND. MAY. 02. 2007 / SON - EST 2.21 AM

New. APRIL 29. 2007 / SON - EST 10.45 AM

We moving!


Me & G did some 'industrial espionage' inspiration moving yesterday seen what everyone likes. But fortunately or otherwise depedening on your personality, we were considered 'spies' rather than consumers. maybe my camera gave it away, or maybe my secret. either way, we know for sure, comapnies are dwelled by the spirits of the creators of. ok, plain english:

Professor A. has a company he wants to attract people to, so he grabs Idea X he places a business plan and then starts to have thoughts / ambitions / goals / prospects for the future of Company AX. Every network that AX moves through the consciousness of each will then be overshadowed throughout AX's practices. Each company on the market is taught to be fearful of competitors ie. risking the threat of corporate takeover. Thus you have a collision which is due to doing something that conflicts w/ who you are, obviously company AX is not the same as PL or OT. & as a result you have absolutely no order.

in result, know who you are connecting with be so conscious of it . do not throw your business around to just anyone. make trust.

OK. THRUSDAY. MARCH 29. 2007 / SON - EST 11.30 PM

This is the thing, New York - Cali - Japan have outlets, they have facilities where these things go on like gas stations. So when you see something like this, w/ the people that make it a point to come, you see that hey, this may be something very serious yes this will make you rethink the concept of whats feasible and what a business prospect is....

I mean, who wants a rapper from New York or Cali now? Personally, I love Jay-Z and he is the only hiphop album on my computer. But be honest, innovation has to come out of South Dakota or Maine. Or some place no one even cares about. Why? because people are living everywhere, yeah, new theory i grasped, they have these new humans that do more than just rap now, they throw shows, real estate, banking, dance... you get the idea.

This is guy is about to be LARGE

These rappers are everywhere, and they are competing w/ YOU. no longer a color issue . these rappers

Wow! THURSDAY. MARCH 29. 2007 / SON - EST 7.31 PM



Royalty. SATURDAY. MARCH. 10. 2007 / SON - EST 10.28 pm

Royal is the private journal of The KDU. (Keystone Design Union).
The publication focuses on Collisions, Culture and Capitalism.

We believe that we are more than just editors or filters.
We believe in active media, and live by the rule of “never just observe, always interact.”

We believe that the gravity of our culture is so powerful, nothing and no one are immune to its pull.
We are dedicated to injecting sensation back into a numb world.

The Royal Magazine

This is a paradigm we are witnessing people. The KDU encompasses a % of the design community similar to the space TimeWarner takes w/ their media catalog. I may be exagerating but have you seen anything larger?. This is the future of our everything. The collective society. David has a concept of duality that he spreads throughout his arrangements. If he does print, he follows it up online. Creating compartments inside of compartments ... this in time becomes infinitely geographical and sequenced. If you can visualize the square and the process it takes to stand on it, that is what each brand goes through and maintains throughout its existence until it dies...

long live native...you have done many wonderful things...

Luxury. MONDAY. MARCH. 05. 2007 / SON - EST 11.55 am

Prada America's Cup '03 I think these are dope. They have the black on black too, I'm very conscious of my appearance now, i have a mind set as to how i want to portray myself. seeing how design plays into fashion, also how fashion plays into politics and business. So these would display both sides. The different material's it holds etc. a very large scale all over graphic, just one logo, not a pattern. maybe you'd be able to see it from a different perspective ...definately have to customize everything from now on also.

Architecture. THURSDAY. MARCH. 01. 2007 / SON - EST 3.31 pm

Santiago Calatrava

Spanish architect, offices in Paris, Valencis and Zurich.

Live. FRIDAY. FEB. 23. 2007 / SON - EST 4.57 pm

yes, i have launched live, now contacting everyone to let them know!

LEADERHOOD. MONDAY. FEB. 19. 2007 / SON - EST 5.50 pm

Just wanted to document our leader[s].

PURPOSE. SUNDAY. FEB. 18. 2007 / SON - EST 1.09 am

Thirteenth Generation

Climate Crisis / Amnesty International / Oxfam America / One / Red.

DESIGN?!?. SUNDAY. FEB. 18. 2007 / SON - EST 1.04 am

verb (used with object)
1. to prepare the preliminary sketch or the plans for (a work to be executed), esp. to plan the form and structure of: to design a new bridge.
2. to plan and fashion artistically or skillfully.
3. to intend for a definite purpose: a scholarship designed for foreign students.
4. to form or conceive in the mind; contrive; plan: The prisoner designed an intricate escape.
5. to assign in thought or intention; purpose: He designed to be a doctor.
6. Obsolete. to mark out, as by a sign; indicate.
verb (used without object)
7. to make drawings, preliminary sketches, or plans.
8. to plan and fashion the form and structure of an object, work of art, decorative scheme, etc.
9. an outline, sketch, or plan, as of the form and structure of a work of art, an edifice, or a machine to be executed or constructed.
10. organization or structure of formal elements in a work of art; composition.
11. the combination of details or features of a picture, building, etc.; the pattern or motif of artistic work: the design on a bracelet.
12. the art of designing: a school of design.
13. a plan or project: a design for a new process.
14. a plot or intrigue, esp. an underhand, deceitful, or treacherous one: His political rivals formulated a design to unseat him.
15. designs, a hostile or aggressive project or scheme having evil or selfish motives: He had designs on his partner's stock.
16. intention; purpose; end.
17. adaptation of means to a preconceived end.


$600k + First Week Sales

Are you kiddin me? Sean Carter just completely crushed any and all competition w/ that right there.


w/ the tax advantages in Delaware you would think that our 'Market' Street would be a little more developed than its current state. of course there are plans in the working...the city stays progressive. but why are we so dry? well, i can see a full revival opening the sooner we recognize that we can, there is alot of potential in this small space. grand opera house / rodney square / hotel duPont / christina cultural arts ect. are all great venues to showcase in some form or fashion, formal or casual we can generate energy from here. we just have to 1. cherish what we have and discover what is actually tucked away downtown and 2. frequent the premises.

this isnt just a place to incorporate, its also the place to practice. & real estate is the key. a vacation spot sure, but also a vocation. this is a special call to the youth, so that you know its not just hard for us, commerce here is surrounded by all types of spirits [think blood diamond/oil/gold/blood money/paper trail and slavery] - so keep your business straight along w/ some positivity and you wont have any problems.

ENLIGHTEN. TUESDAY. JAN. 16. 2007 / SON - EST 6.46 am

MAP. SUNDAY. JAN. 14. 2007 / SON - EST 12.44 am

Simulation. Why it does what it does. I feel like i'm in school all over again, except this time its the good kind of school, where you have faith you'll learn something pivotal.

55Hrs. SATURDAY. JAN. 13. 2007 / SON - EST 12.49 am


What projects are you working on?
Personal albums and 2BuildANation, a collective of Delaware musicians together for the purpose of establishing a foundation for our artists. C.E.R.P.A.H. Initiative, which is a multilevel, multifaceted, multicultural approach to meeting the needs of young people, while simultaneously and therapeutically healing disease by recognizing, acknowledging and cultivating their inherent talents and potential. This program was and is designed for at-risk youth in enterprise neighborhoods but has served infants to 100-year-old seniors, all talent levels. A foundation is needed to preserve what we have. The children/youth here are idle, they want to entertain; please let's patronize this appetite. The youth no longer play sports, and the dream of "making it" is not a mentality for our environment. The sign says "Wilmington, a Place to Be Somebody," so let's help them be all they can.
What other disciplines do you study?
Information architecture, also branding [strategy plus management], graphic design, Web design, photography and video.

photo credits on flickr + more photos

MAGS. FRIDAY. JAN. 12. 2007 / SON - EST 11.40 pm [FEB. EDIT]

Ok, so i'm followin a trend yeah, oh well, next thing, The Royal sets them. Equiped w/ everything from your independent T-Shirt screen printer to luxury brands you couldnt get even if you had the money...thats exclusive.

I just got the word as if we already didnt know, but its official and The Royal is 100% KDU. So this means the order is and will be completely different from where it was before. More exlusive and much more concentrated. You cant just send in your pretty little media kit w/ some cash stuffed in it and think you'll get placement. This is something that is built. Gensler is on his square, so aint alot gonna get by him. Look for more and more and more...

He explained his movement on TheBrilliance:

"On this entire Mash Movement... I frame no hypotheses; I am just offering careful observations. Mash is just the final resting spot for merging/verging cultures. I am not even sure if the term "Mash Culture" is appropriate. It is not really a culture since it is so acutely individual, it is more of a behavior. With that said, there is no "face" to put with Mash. No "age range," no geographic hot spots. It is more of state of being then a trend or demographic. It is moment by moment thing. The main fuel is technology and it's ability to allow us to create, connect and communicate. It is also deeply fueled by our ability to directly edit and customize our sources of incoming information. All of these factors allow an individual to jump around the world and consume or participate in anything at any time. This is nothing new and it is not rocket science, it is just the realization that traditional media and most traditional marketing tactics are truly dead, especially when targeting younger age groups."

his clothing line is met w/ a consciousness which is what culture's traditionally implemented into their clothing.

Our culture has become an over saturated, superabundant wasteland. Youth culture and especially street culture have become polarized and stagnant. It is a landscape dominated by image and, for the most part, poor quality. SVSV is about offering a high value alternative, which is driven by true exclusivity, hand craftsmanship, rare and exquisite natural fabrics or the most advanced synthetics...and above all else - an over-emphasis on utility and design." - SVSV

& again the art done by Hello Von - Photography by Kareem Black

by the way did i say, these are like my most favorite magazines ever, and ive been carryin them around w/ me since i left to co. springs and came back. this is what i think all media should be, keepsake, like, you never wanna leave it...


In admiration of her first pdf issue... I emailed her, and i think a month or so after i get this in the mail.


Its good to see positive females...Shar doin it big - indie indeed!

Reading Jeff's blog i came across a magazine plug...

Theme Magazine has very very good quality...the content is just as rich. The Blog has some exclusive content as well. This magazine made me feel how Vibe used to make me feel...because of the size.

but of course they covered all the best in street culture - Bijules commenting on exposure.

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