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bizzy.jpgOver a decade ago, Bryan “Bizzy Bone” McCane made history as an integral member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, helping the Cleveland quintuple sell over 10 million albums. Despite their success, Bizzy’s relationship with BTNH has always been tenuous at best. The two sides often collided over Biz’s alleged erratic behavior: missing tour dates, video shoots and recording sessions. According to the 30-year-old rapper, his conduct was due in part to the monetary issues Bone was having with their label, Ruthless Records. The internal turmoil came to a head in October 2002 when Bizzy appeared for a show at BB King’s Blues Club in New York City intoxicated and he was ousted from the group. Although they would reconcile a year later, problems arose once again. In April 2005, an allegedly inebriated Bizzy appeared on Houston’s Damage Control KPFT radio program and claimed to be homeless and sleeping at a bus station. Krayzie and Layzie Bone flew down to H-Town to meet with Bizzy, but they were unable to resolve their issues. Remaining members Krayzie, Layzie and Wish (Flesh-N-Bone has been incarcerated since 2000 on gun charges) went on to sign a deal with Swizz Beatz’ Full Surface Records. Refocused on his solo career, Bizzy signed a three-album deal with Virgin/After Platinum Records last year. His new album, A Song For You, will be released this summer and features guest appearances from Jim Jones, DMX, Twista, Trina, Good Charlotte and Lyfe Jennings. tracked down the elusive Bizzy Bone to discuss his latest disc and relationship with Bone.

How would you characterize your new album, A Song For You?
It’s very spiritual. It’s a religious record like everything we do. It’s sort of like how ’Pac used to say the Lord’s name and never took it in vane. It was a lovely thing. It’s just phenomenal, man. I can’t explain it. As far as the people who love Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Bizzy Bone, they’re in for a treat. They’re gonna roll with this record. It’s the fast flip style. The harmony is there, the guest appearances are there and the production is the best we’ve ever had. I’m just allowed to be an artist and be myself. I’m just me and you can call me glory.

Are you addressing the fallout with Bone and your personal issues at all on the album?
No, no. Actually, I’m not. I recorded a [YouTube] video and spoke to Bone. I told them, “Buddy, I love [you] no matter what.” Maybe I don’t feel like Bone Thugs-N-Harmony gets the credit they deserve, but I still love them so very much. I actually salute them and root them on. That’s my position. One day, maybe we can get a Bone reunion, but it has to be in a right way. It can’t be in the wrong way. We want to make sure everybody gets all their stuff together—everyone is making good money, we go in there and we do a mega multi-million dollar deal. So I really don’t get into the politics of the situation. Regardless, I’m the kind of fellow who turns the other cheek. If it get smacked on one side, I turn the other. Hey, I love you no matter [what]. Keep on pushing, I love the new song with Akon [“I Tried”], I love everything the guys are doing.

But deep down, it must be tough to see Bone come out with a new album, Strength & Loyalty, without your involvement.
I don’t feel left out at all. I’m just glad they’re making all the proper moves and they are actually making money. They’re doing what their supposed to do. They’re growing after all these years. It’s a beautiful thing.

Why didn’t you join Bone when they signed with Swizz Beatz? What went wrong with that situation?
Nothing really went on, it’s just sometimes you have to make decisions and the decisions that you make are the decisions that pattern your entire life. But if you don’t make the right decision, then you lose.

What decision are you referring to?
The decision was, are we going to do something together? [I decided] no, we’re not going to do something together. We are not going to be able to do those things until everyone is able to get on their feet and does the right thing with their own personal lives. Once that’s taken care of, then that’s how we roll.

Throughout all the drama with Bone, do you feel you were unfairly criticized?
It doesn’t matter. When you’re with the fellas, sometimes they get upset and things of that nature. But after everything is said and done, hey, I still love you, man. I love your spirit. It may not be what everybody expects, but I still love your spirit. If you’re not with me in person, you’re always with me in spirit.

You’ve always been very honest when discussing your personal life. In the past, you’ve have problems with alcohol. How are you doing now?
I’m not doing crack. I’ve never done crack before. I don’t smoke weed anymore. Yeah, Mr. Davis [Bizzy’s manager] and myself, we like to go out and have an occasional drink every now and then. Sometimes I get disappointed when I can’t get to shows and buses break down and things of that nature. All of these different things are happening systematically. It’s like anytime I feel good about something, something always happens and boom, that jumps off. Sometimes I just say, “You know what? I’m about to go have me a drink and not worry about it.” ’Cause some things I really want to do and sometimes you’re not allowed to do those things because of certain things that are around it. Just bad situations.

Is the incident on the Houston radio station one of those things? Looking back on it, do you regret that at all?
Nah, I don’t really regret any of those things. Things happen for a reason. A lot of people don’t really understand me but I’m not here to make anyone understand me. I’m just here passing through. Once I’m gone, they’ll never see me again. I hope they enjoyed the music and I hope they had a wonderful time. That’s how I feel about that situation.

Do you think people really understand the pain and struggles you’ve went through in your life?
Well, I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really know. But they can always read the story. I was kidnapped as a kid—Adam Walsh [and America’s Most Wanted] found me. Everything is basically right there in their faces if they want to look at it. I’m not massaging what happened two seconds ago. I’m happy with right now. That’s how I feel. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me because I don’t expect any rewards for anything. I go through a lot of things, but I’m not here to complain about it. I don’t want anything. Let’s just move forward.

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