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6 Sep – 6 Oct
Libido and a tour of the voyeuristic enjoyment

“Trick or treat?”
The artist Tizil causes, wonders about the temptations more visceral – our libido. His work reveals a provocative narrative about what is desire, which is intense.
Nothing more disturbing to imagine the sensual look of a “voyeur”. The mind of this artist to lump together and becomes a collage of their own emotions. Questina thought voyeuristic and brings out the source of eroticism. His work goes beyond the taboo, it translates, becomes lines, colors, cuts, paper, ink, prints – creates mythical forms.
In the drawings, their conical perspective manifests itself especially in the visual perception of human being – a curious trait become desconstructing anatomical studies and re-built in the foreground with vibrant colors to celebrate and fill in this consciousness. The small collages over the work make up this narrative – and mostly – home porn: old magazines printed. Sometimes, in support of his narrative, it also features pictures – porn movie still printed xerox to trivialize the pornographic and the erotic re-synthesis. His multidisciplinary work that enriches the mixture in a single technical work and to his end in a harmonious composition, so subtle and so provocative.
Voila to delight in, be troubled, to question, let taboos aside. Ask yourself: What is eroticism? What is art? And why erotica can not be beautiful and sexy ..

Joan Estellita, via — human art projects

Rodrigo Lima (aka Tizil ) was Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and have been always linked to colors, grafitti, chaos, music and tipography.
Since an early age, he had shown extreme sensitivity to shapes and lines, wich, later, led him to fine arts and graphic design school.
Over the past years he has experienced the fashion industry, creating graphics and assisting the development of clothing lines for Brazilian brands.
Along with that, has taken part of some fine arts related projects with some exposure in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, and New york City – USA, and motion graphics as well.
Workaholism, letter, lines, and primary colors describe an artist that keeps a strong and organic identity.
aka tzl

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