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In 2008 Rizzoli (New York) published the official archive book “A BATHING APE®”. If that book, which shows all of the signature piece, is the “A Side”; this “BAPE®ARCHIVES by NIGO®”, whose contents have been selected by me from my perspective as both a maker and a collector, is the “B Side” – a personal, underground archive. (Taken from NIGO’s FOREWORD)

発売日 Release date : 2012.4.1(SUN)
販売価格 Sales Price : 2,940円(Including tax)
出版社 Publisher :
言語 Language : 日本語、英語、中国語(繁体語) Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese
写真、著書 Writing & Photo : NIGO®
アートディレクター Art Director : 伊藤弘 Hiroshi Ito(groovisions)
監修 Editorial Supervisor : 鈴木哲也 Tetsuya Suzuki(
編集 Chief Editor : 榎本一生 Issei Sakamoto(Shoes Master)
販路 Distribution :
■ 国内店舗 : BAPE STORE®、一般書店
■ web shopping : BAPE.COM、amazon、ZOZO
■ 海外店舗 Stores overseas : BAPE STORE® and more

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