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‘I realized that my spiritual life exists only while on planes. During the experience I found myself praying, and I don’t even know how to pray. So this is my song about religion, which I think a lot of people can relate to. It’s my admittance of being an a__hole who thinks he’s better than God until the very moment when I realize that not only am I not, but I really, really want God to love me and take care of me’ – El-P


Definitive Jux / slash ElProducto / ISWYD Blog

I posted this for two main reasons, I love his music and the process that goes into it, he explains on his blog and in the interviews that he is in for his album. The second reason was because he is doing spiritually conscious raps and this is something i’ve predicted the industry to be converted to. I believe they will exploit it like they do everything – instead of bling bling, it’ll be church church. Not that i am against this, we should be more conscious of our religious habit and spirit rituals, i just dont like the idea of this being mainstream because of the blaspheme. yet i rather corny rappers talkin about bible scriptures and giving testimonies as opposed to liars and materialism. In the end, listen to a producer who models his album production after movie score’s. He’s very honest and creative.

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