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JMIn your pictures you’re always holding this huge camera.

KAREEM BLACKThat’s probably my Mamiya RZ. I’m about to sell it. There are a lot of new digital cameras, which are just much better.

But I’ll shoot with anything really. I really like the Canon 5D. There are two generations that are coming out that I want to get. But if you know a camera, it doesn’t really matter. I remember when I was in school people were like “This camera takes really good pictures” and I was like “What are you talking about?”

It’s not the camera; I’ll shoot with anything. If you give the same camera to twenty different photographers shooting the same thing you’re going to get twenty different pictures. It’s all how you see …

JMAre you signed with an agency?

KAREEM BLACK – ... I think a lot of artists are not good at (1) Dealing with people, (2) Dealing with Money and (3) Marketing. I like dealing with people most times. I’m a total control freak about my career so I want to have complete control over it and not put it into any agents’ hands or something like that and I like marketing. Marketing can be an art. I’m my own agent and it’s fun. And by doing stuff that’s just a little bit different than what everyone else is doing to get my name out there it’s helped to do just that and to get my name in front of people like Pepsi, like Verizon, or like Cingular. And then the ad world, which is the hardest to get into, is incredibly small. Once you’re in, and you’re doing good work, you’re in.

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