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The 8th installment of the “untitled” book series that is accompanying the “untitled” No. 8 exhibition – like the latter – has ‘infinity’ as its main theme.

And with this books release, Magseven is proud to present to you another heavy collection of pure beauty; a genuine print nugget that could be easily classified as an art exhibition on its own.

In terms of styles, a broad variety is showcased, as each exhibition focuses on a specific theme and presents collective works from diverse artists, always with special attention to new motifs and unique display techniques.

Let’s take a look inside:

First, La Grande Dame of hiphop documentary, Martha Cooper, delivers you some of her unreleased photographic “good stuff”. Then we have fresh design blueprints by Element artists Andrew Pommier, Don Pendleton, Jeremy Fish, Matt Irving, National Forest, Paul Urich, Randy Laybourne, The Mountain and Todd Francis.

Subsequently, you’ll be able get an insight into Selim Varol´s (Toy Giants) passion, fascination and deep obsession with toys.

Another definite highlight is the documentation of the theme-based canvas interpretation. Eight different artists were asked to create a canvas around the ’infinity’ theme. These incredible pieces by CemOne, Zedz, Florian Boehm, Ryan Monihan and four others are also presented in this book.

And to broaden your horizon even more, Romero Timm Steinhauser delivers his academic take on sneakers.

via – untitled-documents

My take on this book is much different from what others probably felt about it. My work was featured in it & naturally I became adored with the whole idea of it all.
You have Futura’s (FLOM) which I only know about because in this book it states “8000 USD” on ebay for these sneakers no matter the condition. This gives way to the occupational advantages 13th Witness & Tabatha have as a result of this Style Wars fame…I’m not saying its nepotism, Lenny is an orphan, I love Oliver Twist & the Artful Dodger. Speed forward to today, I still get that hungry orphan feel from people like A Child of a Jago, anyway, its a privilege to be exhibited amongst this Graffiti Great! He does promote non-vandalism… Next thing that sticks out to ME, this was shown at Bread n’ Butter Barcelona ’08 – so everyone w/ a clothing line is out here trying to push their goods, I somewhat feel like I’ve made it. My love for this book is absent of the sneaker worship, I’m not a fanatic & really don’t know anything unless I pick it back up to read & find out. What I do know are certain figures involved. I do know that on the back of this book it says ‘streetwear’ — so this young fellow, from Delaware, with an experienced background in design & engineering is giving an analysis on the entire culture but I don’t posses the cult-lust of any subject in particular. I like this, I like that, but its all surface…my true love is in the arcane science of craft & esoteric philosophy. My work is titled S U S C I T A T E — inspired to invoke + evoke certain spirits & wake up the sleeping heads, not so much to the masses which is also spelled them asses. I’m not so much into art theory unless its family around, we are all of similar style – speaking w/ & w/o colloquialism, conundrums for communicable enjoyment…but my work uses these ‘bubbles’ because thats all streetwear is about. The BUBBLE, Facebook bubble’d, googled did it, microsoft did it, Steve Jobs did it then died. Its about direction, this is the space that you see between the letters. This is the right page opener for Trusting Infinity. “In the Age of the New Creative Class: Brands become devices, allowing their creators to pursue immortality. Those which practice this pursuit are called ‘The Infinites’. In the pursuit of immortality, new laws govern. These modern laws are based upon the ancient laws of craft. These laws are called ‘Future Craft’.”

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