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These are my two most favorite books in the world. So many images, awesome archeological & ethnological research. National Geographic is a household name & 10 Speed Press is a part of The Crown Publishing Group, these two books are massive with regards to the impact of those working on it. Our complete history of spirituality & ways of culture are basically summed up in the lives of the people involved with these two books.

The Native American’s, from this American Indian book, really related to my blood. Looking at the pictures of taboo practices & taking in similarities [David Blue Cloud] w/ myself just naturally attached to me. The things I grasped were the trials of the elders, the pain they as a people dealt with. The symbols especially the front design always give me memories of Mexican art, these connections bring me to the title of this blog posts, the connection between Asia, Mexico, the America’s & Africa. The pyramids, the mounds, the artifacts are all linked in some form. The amount of craft that you can visually see, from these American Indians, you would think – how is this ‘not’ a society? It is what the America’s looked like in the past, this is what they have evolved into. In my opinion, the west is innovated & the east is stationed. The native’s practiced so many dark arts, the piercings the blood & the fashions were what we today see as tattoos or sadly sneakers. Sneaker culture has morphed into a brand-whore allegiance like no other. Its an ‘active resistance’ toward the ethical tradition of barter & trading. We really need to go back to survival pamphlets + silver/gold eating & trading…raw life. This raw life is lived in Africa to this day – primal. Think about the depth’s of the core of the darkest area’s here…Time stops in Africa, sure there is the high technology, chemical & finance/banking industrial reality – but there is the essence of the magic that exists in every facet of thinking-green or secret-think-&-grow-rich ideologies. Daneil Laine captures the reality that Walter van Beirdendonck, Ann Demeulemeester & Margiela may have been a part of the Antwerp Six but Bouba Abdoulaye – Sultan of Rey-Bouba – Cameroon currently oversee’s 55,000 subjects which are on land the size of Belgium & Luxembourg combined. Gives you another idea of fashion purpose & powers. No shots at the ‘Queen’ but that is completely different idea of Royalty, some crowns are Usurped, some are Inherited.

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