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Two things we’ve taken a respectful look at, deal with these two area’s of indulgence, Commerce & Luxury. I think because of obvious strategic techniques, the borders of value have skewed the reality of the through-line that exists with buying something expensive because there is quality of production. In the sense that we as a people buy something expensive because someone says to w/o investigating the origins of the thing. Remember Jesus? He was a Nazarene…so why don’t we hear about the Nazarene[s] as opposed to the X-tians? My answer is Ritual Practice, Amen [no pun intended]. I don’t have specific information [that I can share] to the holes within these brands, I can only assess from the experience gained in my past, there is a very wolf / sheep polarity that exists in this world. Wolf’s could go back on the endangered species list, & I’m sure the sheep will continue to become a prey to some ravenous animal. If I can buy from them, what you have…This is the reality of our world, they are all telesales & collection agencies screaming BUSINESS IS WAR!!!! We are currently listening to someone give us a lecture about technology whilst the line has an error throughout the length of the conversation. Hypocrisy or some surreal conspiracy disposition, since I’m a man & we use logic [via status quo / political correctness], I go w/ the former. Pardon my objective reality. You want LV I want SV. Where does your favorite company create their images, products, employment etc. The lot of these things aren’t on display because of competitor advantages & industrial espionage. Its a numbers game, there is a science to it, these teams are strong & marching. My thoughts extend to Sun Tzu, this is a game played over years/decades of lifetimes & one is many so there is only an esoteric thought process after a certain point because meta-physics are the only reality.
So what does that mean? Don’t get initiated? Nahhh…do what you want, thats the key though, do what YOU want. Go to Global Sources, buy the equipment, get the textile/zipper or whatever you need & make the shit. I mean listen, drink some water, make your things & contact a VC & make your thing BIGGER. But don’t front on people w/ low-quality goods at ridiculous prices. There can only be but so many Alexander Wang’s & in my opinion its too many of them, we need diversity not so much in industries, just period – in order to find balance in this wasteful landscape. Then you think, what is value, what makes a Sotheby auction a community value…what community is that? These are the question that come up in the mind of a child of the first state, small-wonder – blue diamond Delaware. Well I have the answers, these guys are fighting each other, the books changed from Civil War to War Among the States, mcLuhan’s brain was wiped, Neil Postman said technology is Faustian & we should be using our fax machines…Life is real. LV has material from around the corner at times & at times from way around the globe, but their process is high-industrial, as far as I know…remember the thing, Tailors against Taylorism. Capitalism is contrived from social engineering, Freud made women feel independent w/ a phallic symbol, this is nothing other than primal social science. How deep do you look into your look-books.

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