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Statuesque is the word for Naomi Campbell, an icon of our time who, it seems, can inflame opinion in any observer. Statuesque is also the word for Naomi – Nick Knight’s 25-foot interactive sculpture that formed the centrepiece of the exhibition SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution at London’s Somerset House.

Inviting viewers to utilize Naomi’s body as a conduit for global communication, exhibition goers and online viewers alike were able to ‘graffiti’ across her with projected light, while microphones placed in and around her body picked up visitors’ audio responses and broadcast them worldwide.

This project documents both the final installation – showcasing a ten-minute extract of over three hours of footage captured over the three-month exhibition run, alongside a tour narrated by Nick Knight of the exhibit itself – and also the all-important process behind scanning Naomi in three-dimensions and recreating this Supermodel, super-sized.

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