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My favorite fashion brand is SVSV, hands down. Handling things in-house not only that, as reported, the “Brooklyn-Based Workshop Offers Local Designers Resources To Create And Manage Their Own Brands” so this is an incubator program of sorts. It is a fashion study built off praxis, you’ll see this as an art brand & its not a skewed perspective. “Consumption is Salvation” – “Luxury is cliché”. I’ve watched this brand grow since the vicuna wool scarf with the dragon in gold embroidery. With the low-ip issues, fashion has been motivating towards something that has the ability to be protected intellectually. The most notable is the fashion film explosion, but, the thing thats not seen is the fact that its all based on art. In my opinion its going to take a surreal cultural event to ‘save’ any industry from the demise of itself, its rebirth.
The philosophy is something that I held onto with this brand, the theories it stood for. I was never a ‘fashion-fanatic’, it was moreso a, “I’d rather look like this” attitude, but the world wasn’t apparent to me. The image & word were two things that stuck w/ me throughout whatever I was dealing with, the effect of it all. Things like oil-cloth, organic cotton, hemp & bamboo somehow connect with Clauswitz strategy of war & Baudrillard ‘simulation’ philosophies. These are all explored in things like the collaboration[s] with Victor Antonio. I’m not too sure if the community as a whole is seeing the work that goes into creating things…lookbook’s turned into film but was there every any esoteric foundation? With business in mind, it is readily assumed that if you don’t have a theory to your practice, or if you’re out just for the money but not to make a point – you’re not standing for much. When you realize the amount of time it takes to produce certain products, you tend to feel a certain amount of value in the thing.

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