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Asian culture, as a whole, is the most pleasing aesthetically. When Theme first came out, they gave away free copies of their publication. Not much was received culturally, I’m not much of a reader when it comes to other peoples cultures unless its a taboo or something shockingly provoking etc. To be honest this wasn’t anything other than a pleasure to the eye. Occasionally I’d read an interview on a photographer or take admiration in the advertisements, its still something new to me to see brands that were online are now in my hand. This is very well laid out, the editorial photography is clean & always gives a very well thought out feel to it, which I’m sure is good for research detail. This is a visually pleasing look through Asian eyes. It being called THEME, the one’s I have are Nerds, Transplant, Do Good & Journals – these four, took me through the year of 2007. So, with me being no such a well-traveled person, I wasn’t able to grasp much from these books when it comes to what is read, yet, having these help to culture this American rock. Now that I think about it, I am a nerd, I’ve just transplanted my family & I somewhere else, my method is d.i.y. or ‘Do Good’ & AntiAnti is my journal of sorts. The articles I did read in the Nerd issue #9 that I can recall were about Jen Chung – Gothamist Co-founder & Editor also the Q&A w/ Steven Chen of Youtube. Again, didn’t really tell me much from a perspective of how ‘one’ lives in this particular culture as much as it shows how one from that culture lives in ours….

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