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It is the Business of the Future,
to be Dangerous — A.E. Whitehead
After The Royal Magazine, The KDU started to put out strictly “aesthetic journals” which gave me a whole new meaning to publication. Once I referenced Quentin Fiore’s book w/ Marshall McLuhan’s philosophies it kicked in, print is what video is, yet captured on to pages. From this curatorial perspective opening my eyes, I have since found things like Nomenus Quarterly, Some / Things & A Magazine Curated By. Now the realization of this lifestyle my wife & I created with AntiAnti is materializing in our minds, we’re not well traveled nor do we have a flux of insight from other cultures, so the Fashion Industry was the amalgamation of multiple fields in one, occult, science, aesthetics & research. back cover The innovation of the prints contain different inks, oils & calligraphy that bring about the feeling that Tomes have served our history since the written word.
SONN x MK.ULTRA ‘Braided’ Photography pages 89-91
Visually we see: Aestheticism & Existentialism, Praxis & Pragmatism, Simulation & the Simulacra – what are we witnessing now? In my opinion, this is an organic portfolio & manifesto in one, due to the hyper-speed of technology, this has progressed into social networking things that only years of consistent organization bring about & obviously you develop future solutions from this which should reveal itself soon…Personally the reason this hit me so hard, is because our work is in it! So yeah, getting your work exhibited & in the hands of the most creative professionals, largest agencies & private clubs is like the powder frosting on top of the icing. The thing that will just kill you, is all of the other amazing artists that are in this print: NeverEffect, Si Scott, TKSH, Andy Gillmore, Fuct & way more…

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